Building Relationships that Generate

Contract Awards

The Inside Tips You Need For Success

Our Mission: We Build Relationships!

Our mission is to help you build relationships with key personnel involved in the federal procurement system. As a coach, our mission is to help individuals, teams, and organizations set goals, develop action plans, and implement them. We provide you with superior advice and service at a fair price.

Straightforward, Honest Truth

We make an honest assessment of your company to let you know if you should be in the federal market at this time. Do you need to build your business more? Get your FREE ASSESSMENT NOW.

Here are just a few things that make us different:                                                                     

We have two key focal points. They are:

#1 building relationships with key procurement officials that generate contract awards.

#2 developing marketing strategies: tailored just for your company to increase your opportunities/contract awards.

We don't try to do or offer everything; we stick to the key element of winning government contracts, relationship building and developing marketing strategies that work.

We are not a group of ex-high level government officials (Senior Executives or Attorneys) who have never counseled government contractors.

Our President has over 30 yrs federal contracting experience, has counseled hundreds of government contractors. (See Bio)

We have proven on the ground experience. (See Testimonials)

We keep things simple and straight forward.

The government agencies like SBA, are good for basic guidance and training but they only go so far. We work one -on- one and give personal attention.

We provide the honest hard truth (insider information) about marketing to the government. Read More

First we will evaluate the current position of your company. Contact us for your FREE Assessment

Bottom line, we don't offer a lot of "THINGS" that don't really help you generate contract awards. A lot of companies will offer big package without a lot of substance so that they can charge more.

We do offer; insider knowledge, key relationship building and winning marketing strategies for you that generate contract awards!

Contact Appleton Harbor marketing at (800) 508-8804 for more information about our federal small business marketing programs.