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Homless Women Wins Government Contract

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A homeless lady from Memphis, Tennessee wins a government contract.


The problem is that most contractors don't take the time to really study the NACIS codes.


Case and Point: Updating your profile is very important; here is a short story to prove it.

Homeless Woman Win Government Contract

This actually happened at an office I use to work at.

Case: We had a requirement for word processing services. It would have a base year and two option years, firs years est. earning $50K, 2nd Yr $75K and the final year around $100K. Not a bad contract for a small local company. We looked in the CCR for local companies. (We wanted to look in our community first)

There were no local companies with the correct NACIS code, but we did find some in surrounding areas. We sent the request out.

We received three bids. This was seal bidding, not negotiations where there could possibly be discussions. Lowest responsive responsible bid gets it.

The Winning bidder was a lady from Memphis, TN. Initially we had a hard time getting in contact with her; in fact we didn't make contact with he until she called in to check the status of her bid.

We needed to look at some other things before finalizing things for award. She gave us a phone number to call her back. She was careful to tell us what time to call back. It was to be 9am no later no sooner. She said that it was important that her phone be free a certain times. (We said sounds a little crazy....but ok)

After finalizing everything we called her at 9am sharp and she answered the phone we got all the additional info required per phone proceed on with award.

A few days later, when the lady arrived at our office to sign the contract, after signing the contract we found out that the lady was homeless. Yes a homeless woman had been awarded a government contract. She said she had added the NASIC code to her profile just a few days before we sent out the request.

Long story short, the contract was cancelled and awarded to the second low bidder.


Don't take filling out your profile lightly, use every angle possible make your company more visible. If you are not an expert in a field and work closely with some one that has experience in that line of work; add that Nacis to you profile. (And don't be homeless)

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. -- Philip Dor