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Federal Contract Marketing Tips That Work

Federal contract marketing tips from our dedicated experts allows your small or large business to deal successfully with the federal government. Appleton Harbor Marketing works with your company to determine the best marketing strategy for pursuing and obtaining federal contacts. We understand your "pain" and know what's necessary to increase your awards. We have proven experience in coaching hundreds of contractors on marketing to the federal government. We can help you! Our purpose is to ease your marketing pains while increasing your opportunties for contract awards!

3 Quick Steps to Get Started

  1. Submit a FREE Assessment Request. We will determine the best way to help you.
  2. After your FREE assessment, review our agreement; we will provide a copy for your review.
  3. Then choose the coaching program you wish to enroll in. Once payment is made, we schedule a date and time for your private coaching session. Please allow 5 business days to be contacted for scheduling.

Coaching and Training Programs:

Hourly Coaching Sessions:

Hourly Sessions are designed to discuss any marketing topics or concerns you have.

A recording of the session will be provided.

Fee: $195/hour, a minimum of one hour

Daily Rate:

If you have a project that requires more than a few hours of coaching, we will work with selected companies on daily terms. If you prefer we will come to your location.

Fee: $1,495.00 per day:plus travel expenses outside the Metro Nashville, TN area.

Contact us for details

Jump Start Program

This program is designed to help firms who wish to enter the federal market or current firms with less than a year of experience. It is an overview of entering the federal market designed to help you jump start your entry into this lucrative market. We address common Myths and Truths about entering the federal market. Hundreds of companies enter the federal market but very few stay. It takes time and winning marketing strategies to win in this market. This program is well worth the investment, it is designed to save you time and money.........more details.

Monthly Retainer Program

Is designed for firms who require more than a one hour session; firms who know where they want to go but need help in getting there. If you want to step up your game and develop more aggressive marketing strategies, this program will work for you. This is our Value Package, more coaching for less more

Group Coaching

We provide group coaching, for organizations, teams or groups of individuals who want to save money by purchasing group sessions. Contact us for details.