Building Relationships that Generate

Contract Awards

The Inside Tips You Need For Success

Reasons to Choose Appleton Harbor Marketing

Why choose Appleton Harbor Marketing as your federal marketing coach? Can you imagine your favoriate pro team without a coach? Some wonder what possible reason anyone would want to use a coach for their small business. As most government contractors know, marketing to the government and winning contracts are not simple tasks. There is no quick fix for turning profits in this market! It takes time, focus and a good marketing strategy. We can help you stay focused on your vision of winning government contracts. We can also provide winning marketing strategies. Below are the top 5 of the many benefits you will receive by investing in our coaching programs.


We Don't Try To Do Everything

We have two key focal points. They are:

#1 Building Relationships with key procurement officals that generate contract awards.

#2 Developing marketing strategies that are designed just for your company to increase your opportunities/contract awards.

Other companies offer everything from A to Z, i.e., certifications, GSA, database items and many other services. They usually don't master many of those services. We can provide additional services per your request or recommend companies that we have researched and found them to offer a good product or service at a reasonable price.

We don't try to do or offer everything; we stick to the key elements of winning government contracts; relationship building and developing marketing strategies that work.

We provide winning markekting strategies!


We Offer Free Assessments

We offer one FREE Assessment prior to the Inital Coaching Session. When you fill out the assessement form, this will give us a good view of what position your company is currently in. This will help us determine a starting point.


We Have Real Insider's Knowledge

We are not a group of ex-high level government officials (Senior Executives or Attorneys, etc.) who have never counseled government contractors.

We have real insider knowledge and experience of working directly with contractors like you.

The Company's President/Head Coach has over 20 years of "on- the- ground" type procurement experience and over 10 years of working directly with Small and Large Businesses on marketing to the government.

We have counseled and coached hundreds of government contractors; we know your pain!

Your success is our success!


We Strive To Save Marketing Dollars

We strive to save your marketing dollars by providing marketing plans that are cost effective.

Our fees are fair and reasonable (no DC Beltway Fees).

We offer a variety of coaching programs that are budget friendly.

We build relationships!


We Offer Strategies That Really Work

We have on the ground experience; our strategies work....see what others are saying.

We keep things simple and straight forward, providing hard honest truth (insider information) about government marketing.

The government agencies like SBA and others are good for basic information and training, but they only go so far. We give you the inside look. We will work with you one-on-one, group sessions or we will taylor a program for your company.

We truly want to help you, we have experience, insider knowledge and really enjoy what we do, therefore we do it better!

Contact Appleton Harbor Marketing at (800) 508-8804 for more details about why you should hire us for superior Federal Small Business Marketing Tips.